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What is the best way to divide your assets when you separate or divorce?

Some 42% of marriages in England and Wales end in divorce (Office of National Statistics - Divorces in England and Wales: 2011) and many make big mistakes when dividing the assets. What seems like a good idea for the short term, may have a detrimental effect in the longer term.  We work with you and your solicitor to ensure your assets are split in the most appropriate way, allowing you to maintain the standard of living you wish for both now and in the future.


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What to do once you receive your financial settlement?

Failure to create a financial plan upon receipt of your financial settlement could result in you running out of money later in life. To prevent you worrying about your financial future, we illustrate what your future looks like based on your current situation and then create and implement a plan to ensure your present and future goals are met.  We use cash flow modelling for this process which makes your future a visual picture rather than just numbers. 


Work with Lottie