Lottie develops deep and long-lasting relationships with all her clients. The time and emotional investment she makes into each relationship, and her desire to provide the highest standard of service, means Lottie can only work with a limited number of clients.  


At the same time, as you embark on this journey, you need to ensure that Lottie is the right Financial Planner / Financial Expert for you.


Therefore, we have developed a two-step process to help you and Lottie learn whether you are right for each other.


Initially, please answer the questions, below, about your circumstances. The questions are simple, easy to answer and will only take five minutes.


Then we’ll review your answers and if we feel Lottie might be the right Financial Planner / Financial Expert for you, we’ll arrange a complimentary initial meeting, which is your chance to understand whether you feel that Lottie is the right partner for you.


By following this process, both you and Lottie can get to know one another, and decide together, whether the partnership will work.