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Why a good financial adviser can be as useful as a Sat Nav...

Why a good financial adviser can be as useful as a Sat Nav...

The road to creating the life you want is not always an easy one and if you have ever tried to find your way on an unfamiliar road at night or in fog you will appreciate the value of a Sat Nav! That is why, a good adviser is just as useful as your Sat Nav. Look at it this way…

All a Sat Nav needs is a destination, you can even add additional stops, but the most important thing is that it will give you directions throughout your entire journey.

A Sat Nav gets you to your destination faster, with less hassle and without the stress or worry of trying to figure it out for yourself.

A Sat Nav gives you constant feedback on your progress and tells you where you are in relation to your ultimate destination. It is never nice not knowing your progress or how far you are away from reaching your destination. It may even tell you that you can get there quicker than you initially thought!

A Sat Nav not only speaks to you but provides a visual picture of your route and what lies ahead.  It is very difficult to plan if you can’t visualise what your route looks like. A good financial adviser will illustrate your future through the use of cash flow modelling. This allows you to not only visualise what your current financial situation looks like in the future but also allows you to know what you need to do to reach your goals.

A Sat Nav helps you get back on track when you have gone wrong by simply re-calculating your route so you can still arrive at your destination within a reasonable timeframe.

A Sat Nav re-routes you around traffic jams - it is inevitable that you will encounter obstacles on the way to your destination, but a good Sat Nav is able to adjust on the move and recalculate the route so you still get to your destination in the quickest time possible.

As humans, we are not programmed to think long-term or about our life journey as we often prefer to enjoy today rather than planning for the future.  That is why at True Financial Design, we know the questions to ask to help you understand what you want your “destination” to be and then we become your Sat Nav to get you there.


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